First few days

We arrived in Oslo for our first day as part of a 24 stop over before our plane left for Antalya. Since there was no direct flight from London to Antalya we thought we may as well make the most of it.
Upon arriving we were quick to learn how expensive Oslo is. If, like us, Norwegian Flagyou’re trying to keep costs to a minimum then Oslo is not the place to be, particularly if you’re hoping to drink. However, Oslo is certainly a lovely
capital city and one where you can keep yourself easily occupied for the day. Head to our ‘Tips for a cheap day in Oslo‘ post to find out how to get there and what there is to do.

After a gorgeous authentic Vietnamese meal at Lille Saigon (unfortunately we couldn’t quite afford a traditional Swedish restaurant!) and a lovely stroll down the river Akerselva past DogA, we went back to the airport to catch some much needed sleep before our flight to Antalya. However, the wait felt longer than expected and we had hardly any sleep; this was the result…

Very Tierd in OsloPlease?!

After a sleepless night and a plane full of screaming children, we finally stepped off the plane in Antalya and was instantly welcomed by the muggy warm air. We knew it was going to be hot, but to be honest, with our massive 15 kg rucksaks and jeans on, we definitely felt it. Sleep deprived, hot and hungry, we weren’t in our best moods and our Turkish adventure started by working out the bus system to get from the airport to our apartment in central Antalya (Read our ‘Tips for Antalya’ post ensure you don’t get lost like we so nearly did).

Nevertheless, we got to our apartment without killing each other, had a cool shower and collapsed for some much needed (and deserved) sleep!

It wasn’t until the next day that we properly explored Antalya’s old city and the delights of Turkish food! Although we found some gorgeous swimming spots on the rocks, our first thoughts on this city: too touristy. Crammed with German, Scandinavian and Russian tourists in particular, the old city and it’s stunning Ottoman and Roman architecture seems nearly tacky. We struggled to find anything authentic or reasonably priced. Even the local beach has a pricey entrance fee!

We did however manage to break from the mould and find some more authentic haunts a bit further out from the city centre. A post on our culinary findings and advice on how to escape the crowds will shortly be available!

For now we will continue to find the best cheap culinary wonders and beautiful sites. Please view our photos and our instagram page to see more. Until next time…

John and Kirsty

Antalya port
The port in Antalya

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