Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek and trekking in Issyk-Kul

Our arrival in Bishkek was rather brutal. After a sleepless night in the glum terminals of Novosibirsk, Russia, our plane landed in the cold and damp capital of Kyrgyzstan at 3am. We were still wearing our light summer clothes after the glorious Armenian weather and spent three hours shivering in the tiny arrivals hall, waiting … More Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek and trekking in Issyk-Kul

Hitchhiking in Armenia

We began our ‘Armenian journey’ in Yerevan, arriving by sleeper train from Tbilisi. We instantly fell in love with this bright and cosmopolitan city, so modern and chic. We were delighted to see a variety of international restaurants, buzzing cafés and beautiful modern sculptures adorning the city centre. The prices, however, were less appealing. Although … More Hitchhiking in Armenia

Wwoofing in Georgia

After two wonderful volunteering experiences in Turkey, we were keen to find some volunteering opportunities in Georgia. Staying and working with locals gives a real insight into countries’ or regions’ cultures and is by far the best way to travel if you have the time. We had been travelling for nearly two months and were … More Wwoofing in Georgia

Hiking in Svaneti

We set out to Mestia on a little minibus from Batumi. At the onset we had the bus to ourselves, so Kirsty immediatedly sprawled out across the backseat and fell asleep. Her idea of a nice nap was shattered once the driver got started across the bumpy twisty roads. The state of the roads was … More Hiking in Svaneti

Crossing from Turkey to Georgia: a change of scenery

After a month travelling in South East Turkey it was time for us to head North. We were originally really keen to visit the beautiful area around Lake Van and take our time travelling up to our next stop, Georgia. However, with the current disturbances involving the Kurdish PKK we were strongly advised to skip … More Crossing from Turkey to Georgia: a change of scenery