A week in Cirali

We have now been in Cirali for a week. Still very much in love with this beautiful rural place, we have been making the most of our time here. Everyday seems to get hotter and stickier, and we have been relocated to a dirty tent, next to ‘turkish’ toilet, i.e. a hole in the ground … More A week in Cirali


We arrived in Cirali, a coastal town town in the valley of Olympos mountains, after about four hours travelling. Our journey was relatively easy despite the sweltering 45C heat and the monstrous bags on our backs. Cirali is not void of tourists, however the people who come here are generally calm and nature loving, making … More Cirali

First few days

We arrived in Oslo for our first day as part of a 24 stop over before our plane left for Antalya. Since there was no direct flight from London to Antalya we thought we may as well make the most of it. Upon arriving we were quick to learn how expensive Oslo is. If, like … More First few days