Turkish Cuisine: Adana Kebap with Thyme salad

The vastness and complex history of Turkey is very much reflected in it’s cuisine. Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey shares it’s borders with eight countries, including Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Georgia. It is equally home to over 30 ethnic groups, Turcs, Arabs, Kurds and Assyrians to name a few! This diversity enriches both Turkish … More Turkish Cuisine: Adana Kebap with Thyme salad

A week in Cirali

We have now been in Cirali for a week. Still very much in love with this beautiful rural place, we have been making the most of our time here. Everyday seems to get hotter and stickier, and we have been relocated to a dirty tent, next to ‘turkish’ toilet, i.e. a hole in the ground … More A week in Cirali